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High Performance Grease For Spray Gun

About the product

Sata High performance grease for moving parts of the spray gun, silicone and acid free.

The moving parts of a spray gun, including the paint needle, trigger and internal components, require lubrication to function smoothly.

Lubricating these parts reduces friction, enabling precise control over the spray pattern, giving you a uniform and even application of paint, resulting in the desired professional finish.

  • Industries: Car Refinish, Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Industrial Metal Finishing, Industrial Wood Finishing
  • Brand: Sata
  • Product type: Grease for spray guns
  • EAN: 5711559007130
  • Supplier item no.: 48173

Safety and enviroment

H sentences

  • H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction.

EUH sentences

  • EUH 208: Contains (name of sensitising substance). May produce an allergic reaction.
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High Performance Grease 48173

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