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Masking Tape 150°C Fine Line 6 Mm X 55 M

About the product

Mirka fine line tape delivers unmatched precision in your painting projects. With a slim width of just 6 mm, it allows you to create fine, razor-sharp lines that are perfect for beautiful designs and details.

Mirka Fine Line Masking Tape can withstand forced heat and can withstand temperatures of up to 150°C. This makes it ideal for car painting where high-temperature paint curing processes are common.

Mirka is synonymous with quality in car painting and surface treatment.

  • Material PVC
  • Color Orange
  • Renewal 88%
  • Type of adhesive: synthetic rubber
  • Industries: Car Refinish, Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Car care, Industrial Metal Finishing, Industrial Wood Finishing
  • Brand: Mirka

Masking Tape 150°C Fine Line 6 Mm X 55 M

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