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OL3000/00 Vegetable Base Oil For Wood

About the product

OL3000/00 is a urethane oil specially developed for parquet application, both inside and outside.

We suggest sanding the raw wood with 180 grit sandpaper, then continue applying at least 2 coats of oil to achieve better chemical and mechanical resistance. Sand with 320 grit sandpaper between layers.

To achieve the best wood wetting, we suggest thinning the first coat with 10%-30% (depending on application) of a thinner such as DE0703/00, especially if applied by spray gun.

After applying the oil, we suggest removing excess product using a cloth. However, it is possible not to brush the last layer of oil to achieve better resistance.

It is also possible to treat parquet externally, in this case, it is suggested to tint the first layer of oil with XEL3609/XX and/or XE4150/XX or alternatively an EM0556/XX to achieve the best performance. An annual maintenance will be necessary (cleaning before the panel).

When applying externally, it is very important to close the end grain carefully to prevent water swelling.

Remember to wash the used cloth with water before throwing them away. They can self-ignite.

Area of application: Various types of wood and parquet
Method of use: Spray, brush, wipe or roll
Thinning: ready to use (can be diluted 10-30%)
Recommended application weight (gr/m²): from 30 to 80
Drying time (50 g/m² at 20°C): Touch dry 4 – 6 hours Stackable 24 – 36 hours Number of layers: 2-more

  • Industries Industrial Wood Finishing
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OL3000/00 Vegetable Base Oil For Wood

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