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3M Plastic Repair

Online tutorials

Instructions for 3M Edge repair

Watch the video and get a better understanding of how to repair damage to plastic that is located exclusively near or on the edge of a surface. 

Video tutorial for 3M Patch repair

Get to know the unique patch repair system from 3M and how it works. It is particularly effective for holes in plastic bumpers. 

3M product description

With 3M plastic repair, you can be sure that you get thoroughly tested products of the highest quality. Completely unique to 3M, this patch system can be used to repair cracks, holes and wear in plastic vehicle components.


  • VHB1 Surface Cleaner – Detergent that effectively removes most minor sources of contamination (grease, dirt) without affecting the surface material.
  • General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner 08984 – For cleaning surfaces prior to application of adhesive or sealing material.
  • Profession Panel Wipes 34567 – Heavy-duty, highly absorbent cleaning cloths for many tasks in the sheet-metal and auto painting workshops.
VHB1 Surface Cleaner
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3M - 1 L

VHB1 Surface Cleaner


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General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner
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3M - 1 L

General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner


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Primer / Promoter

  • 05917 Polyolefin Adhesion Promoter – Used as a primer before gluing or filling with 3M glue. Note! Do not use on ABS plastic.
  • 06396 Patch Adhesion Promoter – Used before applying the 3M Patch system. You can choose to purchase additional patch primers (included in the kit 05888).

Reinforcement Material for repairs

  • 04903 Plastic Contour Sheet – Use a 3M plastic contour sheet to aid in reconstruction of projecting pieces and broken plastic.
  • 05888 Automix Instant Plastic Repair Patch – Flexible plastic pieces, used to reinforce the inside of a double-sided plastic repair area, where the damage has penetrated the plastic. 


  • 3M 35887 – 50 ml, plastic putty / glue for gluing and puttying of soft plastic components such as bumpers; for small and large damaged areas. 
  • 3M 05887 – 200 ml, plastic putty / glue is used for gluing and puttying of soft plastic components such as bumpers; for small and large damaged areas. 
  • 3M 55045 – 50 ml, for repair of small plastic parts.
  • 3M 08116 – 200 ml, used for repair of fiberglass and carbon-fiber parts. Can also be used to glue metal attachments to fiberglass / carbon fiber (can we take this too or should we have it in step 2?) Note the extremely high strength, but long curing time; however, forced drying with IR can reduce drying time to approx. 45 min. 

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  • 08190 Performance Manual Applicator – Gun for use with 50-ml 2K glue cartridges
  • 08198 Plastic Repair Mixing Nozzles – Nozzle for 50 ml
  • 08571 Manual Cartridge Applicator Gun – Gun for 200-ml glue cartridges
  • 08193 Mixing Nozzle – Nozzle for 200 ml


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