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Teroson product description

Turn plastic repairs into smart repairs, making them fast and efficient, with TEROSON products. TEROSON products can be used for minor damage such as scratches or holes in bumpers, spoilers, aprons etc. For basic repair tasks on paintable interior and exterior plastic parts. Teroson plastic repair products can help with these applications.


  • VR 10 – TEROSON VR 10 Promotes adhesion and sealing, Applied and wiped off with a non-woven cloth or similar. Does not prevent curing of adhesive / sealant. 
Teroson VR 10
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Teroson 2558379

Teroson VR 10

1 L


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60-160 Degreasing Cloth Turquoise
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Q-Refinish 60-160-0150

60-160 Degreasing Cloth Turquoise

1 BX(150 PCS)


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  • TEROSON 150 – Primer for plastic. Improve adhesion / adhesiveness of plastic repair adhesives and plastic filler products before painting.


  • Teroson PU 9225 SF ME 2 MIN – 2K glue
  • Teroson PU 9225 SF ME 2 MIN – 2K glue
  • 50-407 - Glue gun from Q-Refinish, can easily be used with Teroson. We have chosen this model because you get a little more value for your money. 
  • Teromix nozzles – for use with PU 9225 to achieve correct mixing conditions during application. 

For further information, see the technical data sheets in the web shop or contact a LAKGRUPPEN technician.


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