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Tools and accessories

Tools and accessories


  • CP7901 – pneumatic reciprocating air saw. 
  • CP9792C – pneumatic drill
Saw Blades for CP7901
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Chicago Pneumatic 8940158775

Saw Blades for CP7901

1 BOX(5 PCS)


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  • CP9779 belt sander – Efficient belt sander, particularly suitable for making v-joints during repair. 


  • CP875 – Lightweight, ergonomic pneumatic air die grinder. Suitable for difficult-to-reach places, and angled 90 °, it can be used to make V-joints for repairs.
  • CP9708Q-B – High-performance pneumatic grinder, angled 120 °; can be used to make V-joints for repairs.
  • 3M 82455 – Shank 6 mm, 1/4 for grinding wheel backup pad. Used for CP875 and CP9708Q
  • 3M 46096 – Backup pad for use with shank. Ready for mounting disc pads. 


3M Threaded Shaft 6 mm x 1/4-20, 82455
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3M 88411-21

3M Threaded Shaft 6 mm x 1/4-20, 82455



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3M Roloc Pad Back Up Hard 50 mm 45096
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3M 88402-51

3M Roloc Pad Back Up Hard 50 mm 45096



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  • CP Random Orbital Sander – One-hand eccentric sander in an ergonomically correct design, with stepless adjustment, 150 mm. We recommend 10-mm passes for plastic repair.
  • 3M Cubitron II 737U – Sandpaper with ceramic grains and hook-loop attachment. Reduces heat generation. Sand plastic without melting it. 
  • 30-250 Ceracut – Quality sandpaper with ceramic grains, with hook-loop attachment, for use on plastic, paint, putty and more.



  • 20-400 – 1K putty for minor damage
  • 20-030 – 2K plastic putty knife for repairing larger cracks and damage. Hardener included.
  • Quick Mix Board – Palette with removable sheets for easy mixing of putty before application. 
  • 20-960 – Plastic putty knife for distributing glue.
20-400 NC Putty Tube
174 In stock

Q-Refinish 20-400-0200

20-400 NC Putty Tube

1 TUBE(200 G)


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20-030 Multiflex Putty
63 In stock

Q-Refinish 20-030-1000

20-030 Multiflex Putty

1 KG


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Save 42%
Quick Mix Board 21 x 25 cm
382 In stock

Inp Quality 23006

Quick Mix Board 21 x 25 cm



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  • CP Vibration gloves – Reduce vibrations when working with grinders, polishers and drills. Won’t limit freedom of movement for the fingers. Recommended.
  • 10-105 – High-quality masking tape, for many different purposes 
  • Sika Cleaner G + P – Alcohol-based, for cleaning glass, plastic and hard surfaces. Used to remove finger marks as well as ordinary dirt.
  • 60-160 – High-quality degreasing cloth


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