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Powerpack 3950 - Wall

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3/4 "PP-Combi with DNA 128 from Biotech Innovation ApS. Powerpack for mounting in spray booths or compartments up to 2000 m³, where there is minimal air circulation.

The Power Pack acts as a catalyst that causes a number of chemical processes to proceed much faster and energy efficiently without even being converted or consumed by the reaction. Power pack removes the voltage and minimizes the risk of static electricity. Energy and chemistry should not be added to the catalyst. From installation to effect, it is minutes before the effect occurs, and unlike electric ionization, a sustained stable changed state is obtained in the treated material.

  • Must be mounted on the wall
  • The PP catalyst is a "green" solution
  • Removes static electricity and surface tension
  • Avoid electrostatic bonding of dust on items in production
  • Get better conditions for a high quality of production
  • Less risk of accidents and injuries
  • Less risk of damage to electronics and production equipment
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Powerpack 3950 For Wall

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