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Rgunlight Led Ring Light 38-44Mm

About the product

Phender Rgunlight is a led light ring to mount on a spray gun. This model is equipped with a 38-44mm bracket and fits a wide range of spray guns on the market including SATA, Anest-Iwata, Devilbiss, Walcom etc.

The Rgunlight led ring light has a color temperature of 5400K, pure white and can be easily mounted on the spray gun. The light helps illuminate the surface of the car, making it easier to see any imperfections or areas that may be poorly lit. The ring light on the spray gun can also help prevent possible overspray.

Using light on a spray gun in industrial or auto painting can contribute to a better finish, but it still requires proper surface preparation, technique and the use of the appropriate paint to achieve a mirror-smooth and durable finish.

The package contains:

1 x Rgunlight with magnetic holder.
1 x Bracket for spray gun Ø 38-44 mm.
5 x Cover for led light ring (more can be purchased).
1 x Rubber cover for the Rgunlight "house" (more can be purchased).
2 x Batteries + charger.

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Rgunlight Led Light Ring 38-44Mm

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