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Sanding Aid Black

About the product

Motip Sanding Aid  is easy in use, fast-drying black control lacquer which helps to sand. Sandable after 5 to 10 minutes. 

The aerosol should have room temperature. Best processing temperature 15 to 25°C.

Before use, shake the aerosol for 2 minutes and spray a sample. Distance to the surface to be treated approximately 25 to 30 centimetre.

Apply a thin layer of sanding aid and allow to dry. Sand the surface till the control lacquer is completely removed.

  • Industries: Car Refinish, Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Industrial Metal Finishing, Industrial Wood Finishing
  • Brand: Motip
  • Color: Black
  • EAN: 8711347066582
  • Supplier item no.: 04057

Sanding Key

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  • Item no.: 04057
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