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Super 77 Universal Spray Adhesive Beige

About the product

3M Spray Glue 77 universal spray glue is an extremely versatile, quick-drying and transparent spray glue that adheres to a wide range of lightweight materials.

The spray adhesive is easy to dose and apply directly to most surfaces and materials that you need.

Its strong adhesion gives you immediate adhesion and sufficient opening time to place materials correctly. The high solids content supports its low penetration property, giving you time to position parts for the best possible fit.

This feature also provides high coverage and helps create soft glue lines. Spray 77 adheres to a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, textiles and soft foam on plastic, metal, wood and much more.

Applications of 3M 77 universal spray adhesive include:

Home improvement and repairs.

Installation of fiberglass insulation and corner protectors on plasterboard.

Adheres thin film, liners and textiles.

  • Synthetic elastomer
  • Colour: Cream/beige
  • Density [g/ml]: 0,70
  • Volatile organic compounds: 523
  • Flash point: - 42°C
  • Spray adhesive application: One side or both sides
  • Spray pattern: Mist
  • Bonding range: Up to 15 min
  • Dry time: Up to 10 sec
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Super 77 Universal Spray Adhesive Beige 500 Ml

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