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Technofox Eco Clean Plus

About the product

Technofox Eco-Clean Plus is a cleaning liquid that enables the execution of all cleaning and washing tasks just like the diluents already present in the market but with additional benefits.

Dissolves both water-based and solvent-based paints.

This eliminates the need for specific, cumbersome, and costly machines for water-based paint and avoids double equipment.

No volatile solvents in the composition.

The product does not evaporate, reducing consumption over the same period of use. It is used within a closed circuit to prolong its durability.

No harmful substances in the composition. Technofox contains no halogenated petroleum solvents, aromatics, naphthalenes, or corrosive agents. As it is formulated without hazardous materials, Eco-Clean is safer to handle and store. (VOC-free product)

The product has no strong, unpleasant odor and is non-toxic to the user.

Technofox is biodegradable. Technofox also retrieves used products to treat solid waste (paint left after use), aiding in respecting the environment and ecosystem.

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Technofox Eco Clean Plus

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