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Teknobrush 6600 Base

About the product

Note this is a base and must be tinted before use. If you want to order a colour, you can use our online tone service.

TEKNOBRUSH 6600-00 is a water-dilutable topcoat for the repair of industrial surface-treated woodwork, such as windows and doors, which have been treated with AQUATOP 2600.


Area of application Exterior doors, Windows.

Recommended substrate Hardwood, Softwood.

Colors Base 1, 2 and 3 (white and opaque colours) Tone system Teknocolor

Gloss (60°) Semi-matt

Thinner: Not necessary, the product is delivered ready to use (when tinted)

Pre-treatment The wood must be free of wood dust and dirt. The moisture content of the wood must be approx. 13% and must not exceed 15%.

Application method Brush

Application conditions Stir thoroughly before use.

Optimum temperature for products and surroundings: +18 °C - +22 °C. Optimum relative humidity: approx. 50%. Layer thickness: Approx. 75 µm wet.

Drying time +20 °C / 50 % RH

- handling dry 1-2 hours

- sanding and reprocessing dry 3-4 hours.

The listed times are indicative and may vary depending on wood quality, temperature, humidity, ventilation and layer thickness.

Cleaning Water.

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Teknobrush 6600 Base 1

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Teknobrush 6600 Base 3

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