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Teknodur 3840 Gloss 90 Base 1

About the product

Teknodur 3840 is a 2-component, high-gloss polyurethane topcoat for metal, plastic and MDF, where extra high demands are made for weather and color resistance. The hardener is an aliphatic isocyanate resin.

Provides excellent resistance to the effects of the weather.

In the production of the various colours, pigments and UV absorbers with the best resistance to sunlight, sulfuric acid, salt and water have been used.

TEKNODUR 3840 is therefore resistant to yellowing, chalking and gloss when exposed to external influences. Provides a glossy, full-bodied, hard and scratch-resistant surface that is resistant to weak acids, bases and solvents. Overcoating must be carried out within a maximum of 36 hours, as otherwise there may be a risk of poor adhesion between the layers.

Produced in all desired colors, possibly with reference to RAL, NCS S or similar.

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Teknodur 3840 Gloss 90 Base 1

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