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Teknodur Combi 3440-15 Ral 9006 White Aluminium

About the product

TEKNODUR COMBI 3440-15 is a two-component anti-corrosive pigmented polyurethane paint with a low solvent content. The hardener used is an aliphatic isocyanate resin.

Teknodur Combi 3440-15 is used as a 1-layer paint on aluminum and anodized aluminum.

The paint provides a film with good mechanical properties and good weather resistance. The product must be dried at approx. +60 °C for approx. 1 hour, as adhesion and mechanical properties improve.

Colors RAL 9006

Gloss (60°) Semi-gloss

Mixing ratio (A:B) 5:1 parts by volume

Hardener Comp. B: TEKNODUR HARDENER 7230


The surfaces are cleaned of impurities that can be harmful for pretreatment and application. In addition, water-soluble salts are removed by suitable methods. The surfaces of the various materials are pre-treated as follows:

ALUMINUM SURFACES: The surfaces are treated with a suitable cleaning agent. Surfaces exposed to the weather are roughened with sandblasting (AISaS) or sanding.

ANODIZED ALUMINUM SURFACES. It is important that the anodizing is carried out in accordance with applicable standards. It is recommended that Tekno's laboratory has tested and approved the quality of the anodizing before TEKNODUR 3440 is used. The surfaces are cleaned with TEKNOSOLV 6560. Choose the place and time for the treatment, taking into account that the pre-treated surface does not become dirty or damp before the subsequent treatment. Other instructions regarding pre-treatment of the surface can be found in the standards EN ISO 12944-4 and ISO 8501-2.

Application method Conventional spraying, Airless spraying, Air-assisted airless spraying

Application MIXING OF COMPONENTS: Consider the pot life of the mixture when calculating the amount to be mixed at one time. Before application, base and hardener are mixed in the right ratio. Carefully stir down to the bottom of the container. Inadequate agitation or incorrect mixing ratio results in insufficient curing and poorer film properties.

Teknodur Combi 3440-15 - Ral 9006

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