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Teknolac Combi 2144-12 Westrup Green Gloss Approx. 20

About the product

TEKNOLAC COMBI 2144-12 is manufactured on the basis of modified alkyd and contains active corrosion pigments. Used as a 1-layer varnish on sandblasted substrates (SA 2½) or in combination with TEKNOLAC PRIMER to build up corrosion classes Quick drying.

Provides a hard surface that is resistant to weak acids and bases as well as oil and water.

Suitable for painting machines, racks and steel structures.

Area of application Machines Recommended substrate Steel


Standard thinner: TEKNOSOLV 6120-00.

Slow thinner: TEKNOSOLV 6670-00.

Pretreatment The surfaces are cleaned of impurities that may be harmful for pretreatment and application. In addition, water-soluble salts are removed by suitable methods.

The surfaces of the various materials are pre-treated as follows:

COLD ROLLED SURFACES: Clean with a suitable pre-treatment chemical.

HOT ROLLED SURFACES: Sandblasted to degree of cleanliness SA 2½ (ISO 8501-1).

Application method Airless spraying, Conventional spraying

Teknolac Combi 2144-12 - Westrup Green

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