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Teknoplast Hs 150 Ral 7035

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TEKNOPLAST HS 150 is a two-component epoxy paint with a low content of solvents. Used as a primer and topcoat in the durable and chemical-resistant epoxy systems as well as in the maintenance system.

The paint has good adhesion to zinc, aluminium, thin plate and acid-resistant steel.

Recommended substrate Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, Concrete, Brick

TEKNOPLAST HS 150 forms a thick layer and has good chemical resistance. Suitable for use on indoor and outdoor items as well as on underground and underwater steel structures. The paint meets the requirements of the Swedish standard SSG 1026-TD.

TEKNOPLAST HS 150 is used as a moisture barrier on concrete. The water vapor permeability has been determined by the Technical Research Center of Finland (Research Report No. RAT6640).

It is well known that epoxy paint yellows and chalks. In addition, insufficient mixing, incorrect mixing ratio, combustion gases or the partly hardened paint being brought outside can cause uneven discolouration. White and light shades (e.g. RAL 9001, RAL 9003, RAL 9010 and RAL 9016) are particularly susceptible to yellowing.

TEKNOPLAST WINTER HARDENER 7212 can be used if paint is applied at temperatures below +10 °C. Use of WINTER hardener will increase yellowing and chalking, which is typical for epoxy paints.

Teknoplast HS 150 Ral 7035

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