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Tin Can Without Lid 1 Liter Gloss/Varnish

About the product

Tin can with special inner coating. Suitable for water-based paints and varnishes. Lid is not included, but can be purchased separately if you need it.

Do you need a reliable container for paints and coatings? Then you have a good solution here. These glossy cans have an elegant and clean look where it is easy to put your label on.

What is special about these cans is the inner coating. With its gold coating, the tin can is developed for storing water-based paints and corrosive industrial paints, which ensures that your paints remain in optimal condition.

Please note that lids for these paint cans are sold separately, so if you need storage, you can buy an additional 1 liter tin can lid with the same coating.

All in all, here you get an affordable metal/tin can for transporting or storing up to 1 liter of paint.

  • Size: 1 litre
  • Outer surface: Shiny silver
  • Internal coating: "Gold" for water-based and corrosive industrial paints
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Tin Can Without Lid 1 Liter Glossy/Lacquer

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