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Tinted Aquatop 2600-22 For Spray Gun

About the product

Tinted topcoat for spray application. AQUATOP 2600-22 is a water-dilutable topcoat for industrial surface treatment of outdoor woodwork, such as windows and doors.

Dilution: The product is delivered ready for use. Available in a range of standard packaging sizes (3, 9 and 18 litres).

Gloss: (60°) Semi-matt.

Recommended substrate: Hardwood, Modified wood, Softwood.

Application method: Airless spraying, Air-assisted airless spraying, Electrostatic spraying.

Application conditions Stir thoroughly before use. Optimum temperature for products and surroundings: +18 °C - +22 °C. Optimum relative humidity: approx. 50%. Wet film range 150-300 µm.

Pre-treatment: The wood must be free of wood dust and dirt. The moisture content of the wood must be approx. 13% and must not exceed 15%. Wooden substrates that do not meet durability class 3, EN 350:2016 must be pre-treated. Teknos has a range of wood preservatives that meet the requirements of EN 599.

Drying time +23 °C / 50 % RH

- handling dry 2-3 hours

- sanding and reprocessing dry 3-4 hours

The listed times are indicative and may vary depending on wood quality, temperature, humidity, ventilation and layer thickness. The drying time can be reduced using special drying systems to accelerate drying.

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Note! When we make special tinted paint for you, the right of return is no longer valid.