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Wheel Spray Silver Satin Glossy

About the product

ColorMatic wheel spray is a first-class acrylic paint with high coverage and faster drying time. Professional wide beam atomization ensures an excellent flow and guarantees positive results.

For optimal adhesion, aluminum rims should be primed with ColorMatic 1K primer for aluminum no. 180278. Steel rims should be primed with ColorMatic 1K Primer Filler no. 180278.

Application: Ideal for coating new or used rims.

QUALITY AND FEATURES Simple and time-saving. Fast drying time Extremely high coverage Resistant to stone chips, road salt, etc. Durable Robust.


Binder base: NC Color: black (no. 190353), silver satin glossy (no. 190377) Odor: solvent

Gloss level: (at measuring angle 60° according to DIN 67530) Gloss: 80 gloss units

Effectiveness: Depending on the consistency and color of the substrate: 400 ml is sufficient for approx. 0.8 - 1.0 m²

Substrate: Properly cleaned, new or used steel or aluminum rims

Drying time (at 20°C, 50% relative humidity): Dust dry: after approx. 10 minutes Dry to the touch: after approx. 30 minutes The drying time depends on the ambient temperature, humidity and thickness of the applied layer.

Temperature resistance: up to 80°C

Storage stability: 10 years under suitable storage (=10°-25°C, relative humidity of max. 60%) Size: Aerosol cans, maximum nominal volume 400 ml VOC value: 273.1g

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before use, read and follow the warnings on the label!

Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be painted with ColorMatic Silicone Cleaner No. 174469, then sand

The area must be dry and free of dust and grease Shake the can vigorously for 2 minutes

Perform a test spray

For optimal adhesion before application, aluminum rims can be primed with ColorMatic 1K primer for aluminum no. 180278 - steel rims with ColorMatic 1K primer filler 2-3 layers or similar.

Wear a suitable respirator (recommended type A2/P3)

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Wheel Spray Silver Satin Gloss

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