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1K Zinc Primer Light Gray

About the product

Specific additives ensure that ColorMatic 1K Primer for Zinc provides excellent adhesion and corrosion protection, especially for bare zinc-coated steel.

This fast-drying product is specially formulated for refinishing OEM-plated zinc-coated car bodies.

Before working with ColorMatic 1K primer for zinc, treat surface with ColorMatic Silicone Remover 174469.

For best results, we recommend using the ColorMatic 2K hi-speed Primer once the 1K primer for zinc has dried. You can then recoat with mixed paints from our water-baeed or solvent-based mixing systems.

  • Industries: Car Refinish, Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Bodywork
  • Brand: Colormatic
  • Color: Light grey
  • Substrate: Galvanised steel, Zinc
  • EAN: 4048500190285
  • Supplier item no.: 190285
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Colormatic 1K Zinc Primer Light Grey

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