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Beck & Jørgensen

500 B3 priming Oil

About the product

Beck og jørgensen 500 B3 Wood Primer, Olie klar is a primer based on plant oil and alkyd with the addition of active substances against mold and mildew.

The product has good penetration and is suitable for priming external doors, windows, facade cladding, eaves etc.


The wood must be clean and firm and sustainable. The wood moisture should not exceed 15% RH. Possibly. resin is scraped off and dried with a suitable thinner. Fouling is treated with Micronil, after which Trægrunder 500 is applied where there is suction. Note that endwood is particularly absorbent and should therefore be applied extra carefully.

Cleaning Turpentine or brush cleaner.

Brush: Work clothes, nitrile gloves, protective glasses and A2 mask.

Spray: Protective suit, nitrile gloves, face shield and A2P3 mask, supplied with fresh air.

Grinding: Work clothes, PU gloves and protective glasses. P2 mask. The mask must be supplied with air for more than 3 hours of daily work.

For further information see product information and safety data sheet at


The product contains drying oils. Risk of spontaneous combustion. Spillage, used tools and rags are stored in a closed container and destroyed.

  • Industries Industrial Wood Finishing
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Beck og Jørgensen 500 B3 priming Oil

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