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How to fix paint defects

Correct a paint defect in just 3 MINUTES

Do you ever get those annoying "silicone holes" that ruin the look of a nice paint coat? If so, don’t despair! With the brand new small and handy UV Smart Lamp, UV clearcoat and some touch-up tips, you can quickly and effectively spot repair pinholes and stone chips in just 3 minutes.

The Carsystem UV Smart Lamp is a UV hand lamp, which is perfectly adapted for drying UV products. Thanks to the adjustable magnetic foot, you can even use it on vertical application areas. Use the hook on the back to hang the lamp wherever convenient. 

Carsystem uv smart repair
cromax pro basecoat

STEP 1 - Applying the UV clearcoat

When using UV Clear Clear coat, small holes/pores can be repaired easily and quickly. The application is done by adding the UV clearcoat to a touch-up brush and then carefully covering the silicone hole.

STEP 2 - Drying the UV clearcoat

The UV Smart Lamp is suitable for drying an area up to 10 cm in diameter. We do not recommend using UV Clear on edges, as the product has limited adhesion. When using the UV Smart lamp, we always recommend using UV glasses.

step 2 uv smart lamp

STEP 3 - Ready for next time

Once the clearcoat is dry, simply charge the UV Smart Lamp in the USB charging station included. The UV Smart Lamp has a battery time of 4.5 hours and a recharging time of 4 hours. 

Everything you need

UV Smart Lamp
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Carsystem CS153777

UV Smart Lamp



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UV Clear
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Carsystem CS154528

UV Clear

100 ML


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UV Safety Glasses
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Carsystem CS154263

UV Safety Glasses



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