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Wool pads for Random orbital, gear driven and triple action polisher

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New RUPES wool pads

The range of 9.BW wool pads are compatible with Random Orbital and Gear-driven polishing machines included in the BigFoot family. The surface of the wool cushions is constructed from 100% natural fibers which are attached to a layer of a polyester backing.

The blue wool cushion with 5 mm long fibers and rigid/hard blue foam support for high defective removal, similarly it gives a lower final finish.

The yellow wool pillow has longer fibers and softer foam support, resulting in a good cut effect and a nice finish in a single step.

woold pads for random orbital
rupes machines

Recommended polish application

9.BW wool pads can be used with Rupes random orbital, gear-driven and Triple Action polishing machines. The choice of polish will depend on the surface and the desired finish.

When using the blue (coarse) with Random Orbital polisher such as LHR15 or LHR21, the following polishes can be used:

  • Zephir (Coarse)
  • Quarz (Medium)

When using the yellow (medium) with Random Orbital polisher such as LHR15 or LHR21, the following polishes can be used:

  • Zephir (Coarse)
  • Quarz (Medium)
  • Keramik (Fine)

If you use a BigFoot Mille gear driven polisher, there are specially made polishes for the type of movements the machine creates.

How to use wool polishing pads

After centering the pad on the backing pad, start with the prime polish pad. Select the minimum lowest speed level and apply a thin layer of compound to the polish pad. Distribute the polish on the fibers using a short surface polishing process.

After the polish is evenly distributed on the polish pad, you are ready to work with the surface. Add 2 drops of the fresh compound and increase the speed of the polisher. For optimal polishing, the polisher movement must be divided into 3 lines horizontally, left to right and three lines vertically from top to bottom.

Please note that during the polishing process it is important that the polishing pad is in full contact and follows the surface without applying unnecessary pressure. When polishing is complete, remove any residue with a cloth.

As always, we recommend using the correct Rupes pads and compounds, which are designed for each particular polisher.

rupes pad

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