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Korro Pvb 3040 1K Shopprimer

About the product

Teknos Korro PVB 3040 is an air-drying 1K shop primer for temporary protection of sandblasted or cleaned steel.

Is phenol-free and does not contain lead or chromate-containing pigments. Can be overcoated with most alkyd, acrylic, vinyl, and chlorinated rubber paints.

Drying time at +23 °C / 50 % RH

- surface dry (ISO 1517)

- non-stick Approx. 5 minutes Approx. 10 minutes


The surfaces are cleaned of impurities that can be harmful to the surface treatment and the paint. In addition, water-soluble salts are removed by suitable methods. The surfaces of the various materials are subsequently pre-treated.

Cold-rolled steel: Clean with a suitable pre-treatment chemical.

Hot-rolled steel: Blast cleaned or sandblasted to the degree of cleaning SA 2½ according to the standard ISO 8501-1:1988.

When overpainting, dirt, grease, and rust must be removed. If the steel is to be further treated with zinc-containing primers, the shop primer must be removed completely.

Application / Indicative viscosity DIN-cup 4 mm 20 °C

Air atomization (thinning TEKNOSOLV 6020-00 - 14-16 s)

Airless (Nozzle 0.009-0.013”) - TEKNOSOLV 6020-00 Undiluted or up to approx. 5% thinner addition.

  • Finish Mat
  • Colour: Oxide red
  • Industries: Industrial Metal Finishing
  • Brand: Teknos
  • Substrate: Metal
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Korro Pvb Shopprimer 3040 Red

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