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Maintenance-Free Half Mask 06942+ Ffa2P3R D-Filters

About the product

3M half-mask respirator, ready-to-use, maintenance-free, and with built-in filters, reusable. Highly effective and comfortable protection against vapors, gases, and particles.

The lightweight and balanced design features a centrally located exhalation valve that helps reduce heat and moisture build-up, so it feels comfortable even in high temperature and humidity conditions. The 3M 694X+ Series features a textured face seal that is soft, non-allergenic and silicone-free, protecting against a wide range of harmful gases, vapors and particles.

The 3M mask 06942+ has integrated filter protectors, FFA2P3R D filters and meets the European performance requirements Standard EN 405:2001+A1:2009 for valve-filtering half-mask respirators for combinations of gases, vapors and particles. The built-in filters are maintenance-free. You just use them until your replacement procedure indicates that replacement is required or the filters are full, then dispose of them.

Here you get a half mask that is ready to use and the adjustable headband fits most head shapes and sizes, and the neck straps are easy to attach. The half mask is designed to be used with most safety glasses and hearing protection. When you buy this half mask, you get a resealable plastic bag for hygienic storage and transport.


This half mask does not supply oxygen and must not be used in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% oxygen!

Do not misuse, alter, modify or repair this product.

The half mask must fit tightly against the skin, therefore it cannot be used if you have a beard or other facial hair that prevents direct contact between the face and the edge of the respirator.

  • Protects against fine dusts and powders and even protects against bad odours
  • Supplied in resealable foil pack to preserve life of activated carbon elements within the in built filter
  • Ideal spraying paint (non isocyanate), plus DIY and other jobs where you want to have the better protection, sometimes standard dust masks are not good enough, especially the seal around your face
  • Maintenance free, low profile, comfortable design integrated filters and high efficiency exhalation valve
  • Conforms to: EN405 2001
  • CE Marked (valved)
  • Filter type: FFA2P3D
  • Applications: Mixing of paints. Application of coatings, adhesives and sealers, degreasing
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Maintenance-Free Half Mask 06942+ Ffa2P3R D-Filters

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