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Q-Refinish plastic repair

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q-refinish plastic repair

Plastic repair with Q-Refinish

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Q-Refinish Product Description

For cleaning

  • Plastic Cleaner Antistatic – For thorough and effortless cleaning. Removes grease and oil. 400 ml.
  • 60-160 Degreasing Cloth Turquoise - Non-woven cloth for proper cleanup.
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Plastic Cleaner Antistatic Spray
13 in stock

Colormatic 50003-20

Plastic Cleaner Antistatic Spray

1 Spray(400 ML)


Limited quantity - item is being omitted
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60-160 Degreasing Wipes 38 X 30 Cm
133 in stock

Q-Refinish 60-160-0150

60-160 Degreasing Wipes 38 X 30 Cm

1 BX(150 PCS)


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40-590-0400 Plastic Primer – Primer for the most common types of plastic. 200 ml.

40-590 1K Plastic Primer Spray
1074 in stock

Q-Refinish 40-590-0400

40-590 1K Plastic Primer Spray

1 Spray(400 ML)


Limited quantity - item is being omitted


  • 50-408 Plastic Contouring Film – Specially developed contour foil for modeling of 50-400 2K glue
  • 50-409 Reinforcement Mesh – Specially developed tape for quick repair of cracks and holes with 50-400 2K glue


  • 50-400-3040 2K PU Plastic Repair – 30 sec - 2K adhesive. For very small and minor damages
  • 50-400-6090 2K PU Plastic Repair – 60 sec - 2K adhesive. For damaged areas up to 8 cm in length.
  • 50-407 2K Application Gun – Application gun for use with 50 ml double cartridges with a mixing ratio of 1:1. 
  • 50-405 2K Mixing Tip – Mixing tube for use with 50-400 2K PU Glue, bag with 10 pcs.

NOTE Always remember to synchronize your glue before application. This means ensuring that the two components are correctly mixed in the mixing nozzle. Spray 1 cm of glue before applying to the workpiece. 


  • 20-030-1000 Multiflex – flexible putty for small pores and small scratches in the surface (can be used with the 3M and Teroson systems.)
  • 20-400-0200 NC Putty – 1K cellulose filler, used only on the smallest pores and very small scratches in the surface. (Can also be used with 3M and Teroson systems)
20-030 Multiflex Filler
351 in stock

Q-Refinish 20-030-1000

20-030 Multiflex Filler

1 KG


Limited quantity - item is being omitted
20-400 1K Nc Putty Tube
108 in stock

Q-Refinish 20-400-0200

20-400 1K Nc Putty Tube

1 TUBE(200 G)


Limited quantity - item is being omitted

For further information, see the technical data sheets in the web shop or contact a LAKGRUPPEN technician.


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