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Xal3349/00 Crosslinker For Glass

About the product

XAL3349/00 is an adhesion and adhesion promoting additive suitable on glass. The additive is added before use, in water-based AV series and in polyurethane series TZ99XX at 3-4%.

This allows a high level of adhesion to be achieved after 24 hours in
waterborne products and after 72 hours in polyurethane products, from application.

If used according to the quantities indicated, the viscosity does not increase and it can also be reused the next day with the same performance. Also the chemical-physical performance of the film coating is increased.

We suggest using the XAL3349/00 with the white converter AVL3324/BB.

Here's how you do it

XAL3349/00 must be added after stirring (better with mechanical stirring). If it is not stirred when it is added to the coating, it can form lumps. The introduction of cross-linking agent into a product does not normally involve changes in viscosity.

This product is for professional use only. Therefore not recommended for do-it-yourself use.
Given the different types of glass on the market, recommend checking the effectiveness of the additive with the varnish used.

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XAL3349/00 Crosslinker For Glass

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