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1K Epoxy Primer Gray

About the product

An all-purpose 1K primer that provides excellent adhesion and corrosion prevention on sheet steel, zinc-coated steel, aluminium and anodised aluminium. 

It is fast drying with good flow and can be applied wet-on-wet. It also offers good insulation against humidity.

It is best to pre-clean metal surfaces thoroughly with silicone remover no. 174469, for fibreglass surfaces use plastic cleaner 190261. For best corrosion-protection, we recommend using the ColorMatic 2K epoxy primer. 

  • Industries: Car Refinish, Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Bodywork
  • Brand: Colormatic
  • Product type: Epoxy primer
  • Color: Grey
  • Substrate: Bare metal, Aluminum, Steel, Fibreglass
  • EAN: 4048500174414
  • Supplier item no.: 174414
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Colormatic 1K Epoxy Primer Grey

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  • Unit: 1 Spray(400 ML)
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