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Find the right combination of Rupes Products

Rupes paint sheet

The Rupes Web App provides a good starting point

Based on custom variables (type of paint, defect and tool), this innovative app is a great way to find the best combination of RUPES polishers, RUPES polishing pads and RUPES polishing agent to achieve an optimal result with the Rupes BigFoot polishing system.

This digital tool lets users determine the most suitable combination of BigFoot products to fix surface defects, quickly and easily.

Of course, it can be difficult for the app to give the perfect answer for all task types, but it provides an excellent starting point for a great end result.

Download the Rupes Web App

How does the RUPES app work?


Select the paint type at the top of the page by swiping right or left through refinish paint, standard paint, soft paint, hard paint and sticky paint. 

rupes web app select defect


Next, you should assess the extent of the defect that you want to repair. Chose from mild to severe scratches, holograms, chemical etching, oxidation, orange peel, etc.

rupes web app select the tool

3. Select the type of tool

To complete the process, you can choose among the different BigFoot polishing machines, depending on the type of polishing you need or prefer.

The web app displays a list with the best combination for each tool and, if necessary, will also suggest whether grinding should be performed before polishing.

Read more: Guide to RUPES polishers


rupes webb app read the combination


The BigFoot Paint Correction Web app will give you the best possible combination of polishing pads and polish to match the tool you have chosen.

RUPES recommends starting with the combination of tools, pads and other items proposed by the app, to achieve the optimal result in most cases for the selected paint and defect type.

Keep in mind that the app will make recommendations based on the combination that is most likely to provide a successful result, but users may need to customize polishing techniques or product combinations, depending on the task. The star rating given in the app indicates the effectiveness of the proposed combination.

How do I access the Rupes web app?

The app is free, and to get started, simply click on the following link or copy and paste the link into your mobile browser:  

For Android, the web icon on your phone links directly to the App page. Clicking on the link will automatically start the download.

For iOS, simply add the App page to your phone's home screen by clicking the icon

The Rupes BigFoot product combinations are available as posters

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