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Inerta Primer 3210 2K Epoxy Primer

About the product

Teknos Inerta Primer 3210 is a 2-component epoxy primer. Provides excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum and galvanized surfaces. Application Conventional, high-pressure and airless spraying and brush. Gloss Mat.

Withstands major mechanical impacts and has good resistance to various solvents, chemicals, and oils.

Is manufactured with a thixotropy, which results in great "running safety" when applying large layer thicknesses.

The paint contains zinc phosphate.


INERTA HARDENER 7200 is used for this series

Mixing ratio

4 parts base by volume to 1 part hardener

7 parts by weight of base to 1 part by weight of hardener



Remove scale and rust by sandblasting to degree of cleanliness SA 2½ (standard ISO 8501-1). If the surface is roughened on thin sheets, adhesion is improved.


Hot-dip galvanized steel structures that are exposed to the weather can be painted if the surface is sandblasted (SaS) so that the entire surface becomes matt. Suitable blowing agents are e.g. aluminum oxide and natural sand. Paint is not recommended for galvanized structures that are to be exposed to direct exposure to water or chemicals. Sandblasting (SaS) is recommended for new galvanized thin sheet constructions.


Impurities that can be harmful to the application of the paint (eg grease and salts) are removed. The surface must be clean and dry. Old, painted surfaces that have exceeded the maximum paintability must be roughened.

Mixing of components

Consider the pot life of the mixture when calculating the amount to be mixed at one time. Base and hardener are mixed together and very carefully stirred to the bottom of the container before application Insufficient stirring or incorrect mixing ratio results in poor curing and poorer film properties

Application conditions The surface to be painted must be dry. During application and curing, the temperature of the air, the paint and the surface must be above 10 °C and the relative humidity below 80%. In addition, the temperature of the surface and the paint must be at least 3 °C above the dew point of the air.

  • Industries: Industrial Metal Finishing
  • Brand: Teknos
  • Substrate: Metal
  • EAN: 5700641324453
  • Supplier item no.: 1144666
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