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Eal Wash Filler 3090

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Teknoseal Wash Filler 3090 2-component acid-curing, chromate-free wash filler.

Which is used both for steel, aluminium, alu-zinc as well as hot- and electro-galvanised steel. Quick drying, Good sandability.

Teknoseal Wash Filler 3090 is a quick-drying filler with good sandability. Can be overcoated with most 1-comp., 2-comp. as well as oven-drying products.

Test results show that the product is not quite as corrosion-resistant as chromate-containing Wash Fillers when the items are exposed to heavy moisture and salt. Relevant preliminary studies on individual subjects are therefore required.

Hardener TEKNOSEAL HARDENER 7240 is used for this series.

Mixing ratio Stated in weight and volume ratio on the base coat label.

Shelf life at +23 °С (Potlife) 1 day.

Drying time at +23 °C / 50 % RH

- surface dry (ISO 1517)

- handling dry (ISO 3678) Approx. 5 minutes Approx. 10 minutes


The surfaces are cleaned of impurities that can be harmful to the surface treatment and the paint. In addition, water-soluble salts are removed by suitable methods. The surfaces of the various materials are subsequently pre-treated.

Cold-rolled steel: Clean with a suitable pre-treatment chemical.

Hot-rolled steel: Blast cleaned or sandblasted to degree of cleaning SA2½ according to the standard ISO 8501-1:1988.

Aluminium: Suitable chemical pre-treatment. Chromation where outdoor durability is required.

Application Equipment: Brush/roller Air atomization Airmix/aircoat Airless

  • Industries: Industrial Metal Finishing, Commercial Vehicle Refinish, Car Refinish
  • Brand: Teknos
  • Substrate: Metal
  • Supplier item no.: 1144468
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