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Custom and effect colors

See our selection of different effects and chameleon colors which are made from some of the most popular lacquer brands in the world. Effect color is a paint that gives surfaces a special effect or function.

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Custom and Effect Colors

Want to give your car some extra flair? Our high-quality custom products will do just that with mesmerizing effects and iridescent colors.


At LAKGRUPPEN, we offer a vast selection of special tints, pigments, and metallic finishes. We also carry two-tone car paint as well as for multi-tone offerings for the ultimate dramatic effect. Well-known by a variety of proprietary names such as chameleon colors, color shift, and ChromaFlair, these paints change color depending on the light source and viewing angle.


As experts in surface treatment supplies, we make sure to have the perfect colors and special effect products for your passion project.

Special Effect Car Paint

Refresh your car, motorbike, or bicycle with colors far brighter than anything that comes out of the factory. We offer products that can give your surface coating a glittery or metallic effect that is bound to turn heads. No matter your style, our affordable selection of paint products is guaranteed to give your project the prismatic finish it deserves.

Candy paint concentrates - when ordinary is dull

Candy paint concentrates are a collection of vibrant pigments that add brilliant colors to custom paint jobs. Give your surface a stunning finish with these vivid and bright pigments.

Color-changing paint

Color-changing often referred to as Kameleon car paint is a type of paint that changes colors much like a chameleon. And even sometimes referred to as flip-flop paint and color-changing paint, this product is rather “new” on the market. Many people don’t even know what this paint looks like but it’s gaining popularity fast due to its hypnotic appearance.

Important to know when using custom and effect color

However, the effect colors are significantly more expensive than traditional colors, and therefore it can be a costly affair to have an entire car painted. A new trend for these chameleon colors is the use of smaller items such as scooters and triathlon bikes.


If you need to get started with effect colors, remember the proper structure of the layers. These effect colors, they are often used in combination with a "regular" varnish/paint system, which provides a basic color.