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Tinted Car Paint Spray - Waterbased

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Water-based car paint on spray custom tint, ready to use. Ideal for on-site repairs or parts finishing. We mix paint according to your color codes and wishes.

In our own mixing system, we can mix almost every color.

Mixing ratio: Ready to use.

Substrate: Depending on the color of the workpiece, apply Primer Filler HG1 - HG8. ColorMatic 1K Primer for ALU no. 190 278, ColorMatic 1K Primer for zinc no. 190 285, ColorMatic 1K Epoxy Primer no. 174 414 or hardened paint sanded.

Before painting: Clean the surface to be thoroughly painted with ColorMatic silicone cleaner no. 174469, then sand.

The area must be dry and free of dust and grease. Shake vigorously for 2 minutes before use. Perform spray test before final application.

Application: 2-3 full coats, 50 µ. Let it dry for 2 minutes between the layers. The surface can be repainted after 30 minutes of drying time.

Note: Wear suitable respiratory protection (recommended type A2 / P3). It is necessary to overpaint the base color with a 2K clear coat.

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Note! When we make special tinted paint for you, the right of return is no longer valid.

Custom Tint Spray - Waterbased

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