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Topcoat 2K Acrylic By Color Code

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Custom tinted spraypaint, ready to use. A 2K acrylic paint is a very high-gloss and durable topcoat, where there is no need for a clearcoat. Ideal for on-site repairs or parts finishing.

2K acrylic paint can be used on car, motorcycle, boat or caravan.

We mix paint according to your wishes.

Mixing ratio: Ready to use.

Substrate: Depending on the color of the workpiece, apply Primer Filler HG1 - HG8. ColorMatic 2K Hi-Speed Primer Filler No. 195 327. ColorMatic 1K Primer for ALU No. 190 278, ColorMatic 1K Primer for zinc No. 190 285, ColorMatic 1K Epoxy Primer No. 174 414.

Before painting: Clean the surface to be thoroughly painted with ColorMatic silicone cleaner no. 174469, then sand.

The area must be dry and free of dust and grease. Shake vigorously for 2 minutes. Perform spray test.

Note: Wear suitable respiratory equipment (recommended type A2 / P3)

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Note! When we make special tinted paint for you, the right of return is no longer valid.

Custom Tint Spray - 2K Acrylic

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