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Cavity Protection

Protect hollow spaces in the bodywork of your car against rust with cavity wax as it flows easily into all nooks and crannies of the cavity of the car e.g., panels and doors.

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Hollow Section and Cavity Rust Protection

When treating your car with protective coatings, it’s important to not overlook your vehicle’s cavities. Many corrosion protection products are formulated for the exposed exterior parts of your car, which are usually thought of as being more vulnerable. However, the inside of doors and boot lids can be just as susceptible to rust. This is due to the fact they can’t easily dry out like more external surfaces can, which eventually leads to increased corrosion.

Rust is not only an aesthetic issue — it can erode the functional parts of your car beyond repair. To ensure rust formation is kept at bay, a good quality cavity wax should be used in enclosed metal areas such as doors, side panels, boot lids, bonnets, and all other nooks and crannies.

Preventing Rust

To keep your car from falling into disrepair, you must do everything in your power to prevent rust from forming. This includes washing off salt and road debris often and coating the paint, undercarriage, and cavities with protective treatments. At LAKGRUPPEN, we offer a broad selection of rust protection sprays so you can easily and affordably keep your car in good condition.

Cavity Wax

A rust preventer cavity wax is a must for all car owners that want to keep their vehicle free of rust. On top of preventing corrosion, cavity wax also offers protection against scratches, paint chips, and other forms of wear and tear damage.

At LAKGRUPPEN, you’ll find a wide range of cavity waxes and other treatments that will help your vehicle stay rust-free.